I am Barbara

I am a geographically untidy oceanographer.

My passion for nature was transmitted to me by my mother, who was born in this valley. As I grew up I blended this passion with my love for exploration, and as soon as I “turned of age”, I left Italy toward unknown lands.

Firstly, I got my bachelor in Ocean Science in Wales, then I moved to Oregon for a master in Marine Resource Management, with a minor in GIS and Remote Sensing. Craving more sea, I moved again to work for the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency on the small island of Tutuila.

Then, an a summer holiday in Italy in 2009, I saw the Truffula Tree, and I recognized it straight away as the house of my dreams…

Apartments Garden Lake Garda

My dream house

Coming back for a summer holiday in the Alps, and saw the Truffula Tree house and immediately I recognized it as the house of the dreams. At that point I was missing a place to call “mine”, and therefore, not with little effort, I decided to buy it.

As I travelled so much and as I have always been hosted by amazing friends, I really wanted a place where I could also host them. It is really a house that wants to be shared.

Last year (2015), tidying up the garage, I found my writing book from second grade, age 7. I wrote “A comfortable and warm house with the chimney and the dog”. As you will see from the drawing here on the right, I have been quite accurate drawing the Truffula Tree house! A real present from the past, thank you mum for saving that book for me!

The Truffula Tree Ferienwohnung


Zoe came as soon as I got the house and added a new heating system.

She is my family and we are inseparable. She is very sweet and patient, but also decided when we needs to.  She is very well educated and she listen to my wishes. She loves going climbing with us, playing with kids and sleeping.

Zoe does not have any problem with other dogs, male or female.

Apartments Fruit Garden


And then came Jeremy! My kiwi!

I actually meet him when I was in Samoa, but destiny wanted our lives to cross again. And this other time  I did not want to let him go.

Jeremy is an avid climber, and he will be able to recommend you any climbing area and many climbing routes around here. Or take him mountain biking!

The Truffula Tree Ferienwohnung


We are here to host, not to serve.
We like sharing our house with you and we expect you to treat it with the same respect you would treat yours. The  strength of the house is not its luxury, but its coziness.

We enjoy easy going people that share my love for tranquility and nature, or Jeremy’s love for climbing. We will be happy to organize a BBQ with local meet and veggies to get to know each other and exchange ideas of things to do, but we will also respect your privacy.

So far, our guests have mainly been families, climbers and group of friends that enjoyed the outdoors. If you are planning to party all night and get drunk, we are not the right place for you!

Your Dog

You are welcome to take with you your 4 legged friend! Zoe does not have any problem with over dogs, but if your dogs are not very friendly we can keep them separate too.

Your dog is welcome everywhere inside and outside the house, but please look after its behavior so that it won’t damage anything. Please collect its “gift” in the garden so that other guests will find it!

The garden is entirely fenced, but a very agile dog may be able to get out. Therefore please evaluate his/her behaviour before letting him/her out all alone.

Apartments Fruit Garden

How are we spending your money?

It may be an unusual statement in a B&B website, but we care about letting you know that the money you spent on your staying with us will not be wasted!

The major share of your payment will go to cover the loan for the house and the new very energy efficient roof that a local company installed during winter 2014. Minor shares will go toward the payment of the bills (electricity, gas, phone), advertising (webpage, public outreach materials), to support local voluntary initiative and an inscription to WWF. We are currently working on a project to educate locals and develop sustainable tourism in our valley, and we would love to hear your feedback on your experience.

A little mini tiny share will be saved for the next house projects…

So, again, thank you very much for staying with us and contributing toward the realization of our dreams!

The Truffula Tree Ferienwohnung


San Siro Climbing Crag 6 Km
Arco 14 Km
Lake Lagolo 14 Km
Lake Garda 20 Km
Trento 25 Km
Monte Bondone 25 Km
Verona 100 Km
Apartments Fruit Garden
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+39 342 351 6922

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Reach us

Via Casina 3, Vigo Cavedine (TN)

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