The magic at the Truffula Tree

At the Truffula Tree we have a very special magical pair of glasses.
trentino_historyWhen you wear it, you see things under a different light. They will take you back in time to discover how nature and human beings modeled the landscape you are observing to make it as it is today.
The amazing view over the Brenta Dolomites you see from the balcony becomes, like a magic, an even more amazing view over an ancient tropical sea when corals and other marine life formed the dolomites rocks.
A walk through the wood is a walk throughout history and prehistory. You will admire the power of the huge glacial from the last ice age that left behind massive volcanic rocks they picked up in the Bolzano area. You will magically notice the places where our grandparents once cultivated during the war, today abandoned and taken over the wood. You will learn about the story of the bears, once a common inhabitant of the wood, then almost hunted to extinction, and nowadays returning, together with other big predators like the wolf and the lynx, thanks to expanding forest colonizing abandoned fields.
Come and learn about the valley environment and landscape, its history, culture, most of all, be amazed by when shying a new light to anything to see.
At the Truffula Tree we believe in the importance of knowing and understanding the landscape around us. We are eager to explore our area, share with you what we discovered and also very happy to hear about your perceptions and explorations.


The figure: A short history of Trentino from 300 million years ago to today.

IMG_0623We created handcrafted booklets that are available to our guests with curious facts about the valley, ideas on things to do on stories/events that will tell you about our culture and local activities. We also have a big library available for consultancy about local thematic, from research on specific archeological areas to the current challenged the Alps are facing.
We are fossil collection to help you imagining the kind of life that roamed here long time ago (go to see the dinosaur’s footprint in the Marocche of Dro!), and a collection of “treasures from the wood”: feathers, rocks and minerals, wood, bones and furs…
Check out the blog for some ideas of how the magic works using our magical glasses! 😉

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