Terlago Climbing Crag: Info & Zoe’s view!

This weekend we decided to try something new and we headed with some friends at the Terlago climbing crag.

This winter we had something like 2 consecutive months of spendid sunshine… which makes all crags nice and dry, and climbing still a pleasure, despite the cold temperatures…

The walk for the town of Terlago (it must have been such a rich town! Impossible not to admire the ancient big houses!) takes about 20 minutes, the first part is in the town, then on a country road.p1050394


You will pass by a anti-plane bombing shelter from World War II, but the entrance of the shelter “cave” was actually closed with a bar door.

Continue along the vineyards, but do not touch the electric fences that protect it! They are disegned to keep the bear out, so you will definitly feel it!). The bears are at the moment all sleeping, so meeting them right now is quite difficult.

Pass the cultivation, a path on the wood will lead you to the rock (look for a right turn away from the main path).



The lower wall is very suitable for kids and dogs, while the upper wall is not. To get to the upper wall there is a short walk in the wood, starting at the northern end of the lower wall. Once below it, there is a small climb (with the aid of a rope), but this is not suitable for dogs, plus the place available on top for moviments is quite limited. We decided to leave the dogs down in the wood, they enjoyed it more.

Both wall are in a nice location, there are no trees to shade you so it is perfect for winter, although sometimes the wind felt quite cold.

Here a video with Zoe’s experience, for you to have an idea how the crag looks like!



If you have extra time, I would reccomend you to drive to lake of Lamar and have a walk around the area, it is a very nice-relaxing place, the cristal waters of the lakes will sorprise you.



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