Our Wild Neighbours



Discovering the wildlife around us using our trail cameras…

The first winter Zoe and I spent at the Truffula Tree house felt long, lonely and cold. The house was still half built, it was cold and I was still new in the town. Although, during our walks in the forest behind the house, Zoe and I noticed, everyday, new footprints in the fresh snow. Driven by curiosity to meet my wild neighbors, we started spying on the wildlife with a trail camera. Enjoy this video of our wild neighbours!

Although Zoe could surely smell all the forest’s inhabitants, I was amazed by meeting for the first time the fox, the marten, the badger, the hare, the deers, mums with babies, young adults and old ones…

Today, there is a wildlife observatory just at a 5 minutes walks from the house that overlooks over a fantastic field. For those of you nature lovers and early birds, there are few places where with a little of patience you will be able to get fantastic photographic shoots on wild animals. For the lazier ones, please join me setting up and retrieving the videos from one of the two trail cameras that we own. I would be very happy to share with you all I know about its functioning and my methodology!

Also, available at the Truffula Tree, many “treasures from the forest” that I collected during my hikes with Zoe. Rocks and minerals, feathers, fur, skin and leaves… for a five senses re-discovery of the world around us!

What is a trail camera? The trail camera is a special camera that is usually left in the wood along animal tracks. The passage of an animal trigger the camera that starts filming or photographing the wildlife. Usually it has a infra-red function that enables night filming. It is usually used by scientists to study animal behavior or to monitor species presences. Sometimes it is used by hunter, more or less for the same reasons…


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