The Truffula Tree Philosophy
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi

The Truffula Tree revealed

The Truffula tree is an imaginary tree born from the imagination of world-famous writer Dr. Seuss.
In his book “The Lorax”, he talks about a little funny creature speaking for the trees. In particular, it is the story of how a big company started harvesting truffula’s tree for their business, slowly causing the lost of ecosystem, the disappearance of local fauna and pollution. When the last Truffula tree is harvested, even the big company business collapse. Nothing is ever going to change, “unless”…”unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” Unless someone like you still cares, and is willing to plant and grow the last truffula tree seed with love and attentions.

We were inspired by this story, because we care, and decided to plant this little seed in our garden, and if a little more care and love for the environment comes out of your staying, well, we have succeed.

We are not going to change the world, but we hope that somehow our influence will be felt in the Valley, and it will bring positive changes among its inhabitants.

Our view on sustainability

We believe that a deeper understanding of the surrounding environment results in a stronger feeling of ownership and subsequently a greater interest in preserving it.

I love this valley and there is no week that passes by without me discovering a new hidden treasure. These treasures are often unknown to both locals and visitors, and I believe that if people could see the valley with the same passion I see it, they would start caring a bit more, protect it with more interest, and spread the word around.

For this reason I created the Truffula tree blog, which not only wants to help the visitors orienting during his visit, but also wants to reveals some of these treasures.

These treasures will be revealed to you, dear guest, with the wish that even the locals will see with new eyes the amazing gifts this valley hides.

The hidden treasures of the valley

With the magic glasses we own at the Truffula Tree, you will be able to easily see our hidden treasures.

Treasures are sites of ecological or historical/geological significance, as well as locally owner business that offer unique products but the visitor would find hard to find otherwise.

In the living room, available to guests, you will find a reach library with lots of informative material on the valley and Trentino. Or, please enjoy our crafted booklets, in the evening sipping wine or tea, where you will find indication to see places of interest, description of local cultural events, info about local produces and business.

Or… entertain yourself with my jewels… rocks, feathers and other interesting things I found while working around. Or come with me to install or retrieve the trail cameras! You will suddenly see that there is plenty that, at a first sight, goes unnoticed…

To the guests

We invite you to discover the beauty of this valley, to meet the locals and visit their homes to buy local produces (cheeses, bread, wine, meat, honey…).

We invite you to take care of the environment, not breaking anything or not polluting. We invite you share your experiences back home and try to look at your own place with some magic glasses: maybe there are hidden treasure right behind your own back door!!

To the locals

We invite you to look around with our magic glasses and discover the richness of this valley. We invite you to learn about biodiversity, its importance for our everyday living and to support it throughout the use of the most innovative ecofriendly techniques. We support the return of old cultures such as antique grains, the synergy of plants to keep pests rather than the use of chemicals, the return of the forest and with it the return of great carnivores such as bears and wolves.

Our first output

Of course, everything takes time, we just started and we need to prioritize any work that actually allows us to pay the bills. We plan to have the following outputs (I wrote a proposal for a project 2016-2019):

Informative booklets with the treasures of the valley (about 100 sites) in Italian, English and German. I would love to be able to work on the booklets with other local business, so that the output will bring not only my voice, but also the one of my neighbors. 

I would love to disseminate these booklets to the local schools, so that the kids will learn soon how beautiful their home is. They are also our future. 

The booklets should also be available to local receptive infrastructures and tourist information, so that also the visitor will be able to benefit from it.

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