Mountain Bike Malga Pian

Mountain Biking to Malga Pian

Another quick escape, this time directly from the gate of The Thuffula Tree!

The highlight is the arrival in Malgo Pian, a old construction used by shepherds to keep their animals during summer. In the huge field in front of Malga Pian you can admire a wonderful panorama on Mt. Stivo and the other mountains connecting this peak to Mt. Bondone, as well as admire the centenaries chestnuts trees.

To me, it is the perfect place to watch a romantic sunset.

I am not a strong biker at all, the round trip described takes me about 1 hour, and some day I also like pushing the bike for few stretches. My boyfriend, who is much stronger, easily pedals throughout all the way.

The path is not too technical and quite safe, with the exception of a small stretch (about 20 meters), quite steep. You mainly pedal uphill on a big unpaved road and come down in small path surrounded by the wood.

Time: 1 hour
Distance from The Truffula Tree: zero

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