Surrounded by the wood

With an area of over 2000 square meters, the garden is another magical place to be.

It is surrounded by the wood for 3/4 and it opens up in the front (toward west) with a magnificent view over the Brenta Dolomites.

The garden has NEVER be treated with chemical products, nor by me, nor by the previous owners, a very nice old couple, that ran it following the biodynamic principles.

Apartments Garden Lake Garda

The playground

Our son will be happy to share all his toys with your kids… We have a sand pit, a very cool slide with an elevated little house, 2 swings, a boccie field and lots of toys… On request, we can also set up the little kids swimming pool for water games! šŸ˜‰

Plenty of space in the garden for your kids to enjoy a rest day at home.

Apartments Garden Lake Garda

TheĀ gazebo and BBQ pit

Built with recycled material from the old roof and with a fresh new floor, the gazebo rapidly became the new treasure of the house. It has an elevated floor, samoan fale style, so that is alway comfortable and dry, even during rainy events. It has a table, benches, and a single bed for those that want to enjoy staying outdoor away from the sun.

In front of the gazebo there is the BBQ pit, the ideal place for cooking the tasty local veggies and meat.

Apartments Fruit Garden

The garden and its inhabitants

It hosts a big variety of animals, depending onĀ the season. If you like photographing wildlife, you may enjoy spending a full day of late spring in the garden…. Among the animals, the ones I like the most are: the dormice, the bats, the squirrels, the dragonflies, the collar snakes (there are 2-3 small non-poisonous snakes in the pond, hard to see!), the fireflies and at the right time, tons of tadpoles in the pond!

A fox passes in front of the house every late evening, and sometimes the dears feed in the field nearby. If you interested in seeing wild animals, you are welcome to join me when I install or retrieve the trail cameras!

Look at our wild neighbors with the video on our blog!

The Truffula Tree Ferienwohnung

The Pond

The pond, surrounded by roses and hazelnuts, has a wonderful water lily that produces astonishing flowers during the summer.
Despite the fact that it hosts my grandma goldfishes, it hosts a yearly gathering event for the wood toads that meet here to mate. Also the dragonflies lay their eggs on the water lily stems, and it is possible to see them drying on its leaves.

Apartments Fruit Garden

Fruit Trees

There is a big variety of fruit trees, including different species of apples, pears, walnuts and hazelnuts, plums, sloe, red and black cherries, a peach tree and a medlar, a linden.
Other shrubs include raspberries, red currants, black currants, asparagus (green and wild), red berries. Among the grasses that I usually harvest, there are nettle grass (great for risotto and shampoos!), the dandelion, and sunflowers.

The Truffula Tree Ferienwohnung

Veggie Garden

Toward the back, there is also a vegetable garden, cured following the synergic principles, that is freshly planted every spring.

The garden is entirely fenced, but a very agile dog may be able to get out. Therefore if you coming with your 4 legged friend, evaluate his/her behavior before letting him/her out all alone.

Apartments Fruit Garden
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