Dolomiti Bedroom

Of recent construction (fall 2014), this is the last addition to the house!

It has a big glass window, 2 meters high and 3 meters wide, with a view over the valley and the Brenta Dolomites.

Perfect for those that love falling asleep contemplating the view (tons of stars!) and for early birds that won’t miss the sunrise painting the Brenta Dolomite bright orange.

The big tapa behind the bed (traditional artwork from the tropical islands of Samoa), wants to remind you that the mountains you are seeing are actually formed by fossilized coral reefs.

Apartments Garden Lake Garda

Wolf bedroom

This is the original room where I planted the tent the first winter I lived in the house, thinking how I could make it it all work out…

It has a big window with a view over the garden and the house gate, and it is perfect for those that love sleeping in, or for kids that should sleeping in… 😉

By closing the red shutters absolute darkness is in fact guaranteed, and thanks to the peace and silence of the place, long lazy morning are easily achieved…

The Truffula Tree Ferienwohnung

Living room

A room constantly changing depending on its use, this big area calls for being lived.

In this room you will be able to enjoy the big windows with the amazing view over the Brenta Dolomites and the pond,  the warmth of the Olle at its centre, the antique table and bookshelf, the comfortable coaches, many books and information over things to do.

It is shared area where the guests can meet, relax, plan their hikes, read our informative booklets with indication of things to do in the valley, and eat their meals all together.

Apartments Fruit Garden


Connected to the living room, the kitchen has it all!

It has a big working bench where you can prepare your food, a big gas stove with 5 fires, a gas oven and a dish washer!

Adjacent to the kitchen there is a storage room with all the pots and the fridge, so everything can be kept tidy and clean!

From the kitchen, moms will be able to look over their kids playing in the play room, while cooking.

The Truffula Tree Ferienwohnung

Play room

In between the kitchen and the back porch, there is the place where the kids like to hang out and play on the big carpet.

It turned out that also big man liked this room as a cinema to watch rugby games, and I did used it to prepare all the gear for a backpacking trip. Use it as you like, enjoy the extra space!

Apartments Fruit Garden


When I bought the house, I thought: “this is the first thing I am going to renovate!”. Instead, as you can see, it still keeps its vintage look. Although quite a work as been done to refresh it, the tiles are still original and won´t go unnoticed.

It has a washing machine available to guests, and plenty of place for your items.

The Truffula Tree Ferienwohnung

Front balcony

No matter the season, you can always enjoy some time in the front balcony. The view over the Brenta Dolomites is amazing.

Thanks to the enrosadita phenomenon, these mountains change their color during the day, and at the different season. In the morning they will be bright orange, pale during the day and pink at sunset. You will see green fields in summer and white snowy cups in winter. The town of Cavedine will make everything look like a nativity scenery.

The valley is very quiet and occasionally you will hear a car passing by. Otherwise the sounds you will hear will be the cuckoo, the wind blowing throughout the birch tree, the water flowing from the spring nearby.

At night, thousands of stars will dot the sky, they will shine strong in the absence of city lights.

The balcony is my favourite place of the house, and I welcome to enjoy it with a good glass of wine, while sitting on the wooden benches.

Apartments Fruit Garden

Back porch

Our very latest house production!

Comfortably located next to the kitchen it is just perfect for breakfast, as it receives the morning light, and ideal for summer lunches, as it is shaded in the afternoon.
That is to say, for those that do not want to walk all the way to the gazebo.

The Truffula Tree Ferienwohnung
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