Deltaghiaccio 2016

Despite the fact that my mum was actually born in the Valle dei Laghi only 6 km away from the Truffula Tree, I did not land in this valley until I was actually 19. Literally landed. At that time in fact my mum thought it would be very healthy for me to spend some more time with my cousins and to go paragliding with them. I had no idea what parading was, and clearly neither my mum, but thanks to this bright idea I discovered this new amazing world. Because there is another world up there, up high in the sky, where worldly mundane issues do not exist, just you, your wing, the wind on your face and nothing else.
So I became an avid pilot and I did not go anywhere without my wing. I flow in the Cascade in Oregon, in the Andes in Venezuela, and when I left Samoa before moving to Trentino, the first thing I did was to rent a paraglide to fly in Hawaii. Once you experience flying, you will never forget.


But of all the places I have been, the flights from Mt. Bondone have always been my favorite. The amazing view over the Brenta Dolomites, the reliability of the wind, the confy landing close to such a cute and warm lake, the bar at the end of the landing strip… And the people. many pilots have gone and come, but still there is something that is common to all of them: their passion, simplicity, the smile on their face.
I participated to my first Deltaghiaccio in 2002, I still have the gained t-shirt within my cloths! It is not time for me to fly right now, my feet are strongly grounded to the ground with my responsibilities, but still I enjoyed so much spending few hours at the 2016 Deltaghiaccio meeting between the take-off places and the landing. I am sharing all this with you too, because this event is also what the Valle dei Laghi is about, this is also about our culture and our tradition. And if while you will be our guest you would like to spread your wings and fly high, I would be more than happy to put you in contact with a certified pilot for a tandem flight.
All the pretty images of this videos where made by the photographer Leonardo Fabbri, Envyda, you can contact him if you would like some photos of the event. The other ones with the camera of my cell phone…



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