San Siro Climbing Crag

Only 6 km away from the Truffula Tree, San Siro climbing crag is one of our favourite places. Only 6 km away from home, it is the perfect place for: “I feel like challanging myself today”, “last minute climbing mecca”, “I do not feel like driving today”, “I want to go for a walk before climbing”, “I want a safe place to take my kids”, “It may start raining in 1 hour”… shortly… you cannot go wrong in San Siro! 😉

The area is easily accessible with kids, and for mix parties, the parking to the San Siro crag is also a good start for various nature or cultural hikes (see the Roman fountain, views over the Dolomites and the valleys, look for the hands carved in the rocks shortly after the last ice age…) or mountain biking. From the parking, you will reach the upper wall in less 5 minutes dowhill walk.

I climb 6s, while my boyfriend climbs 7s, but this is not a problem here. There is a very cute 5c (magic biest) that will offer an amazing view over the Lakes´ Valley, and if you do not want to climb the 6s present (harder than usual and some a little polished!), the first part of many 7s in the upper zone make a good training wall reachable even for my level. Reccomanded by Jeremy Electric Budda (8a)

It is a great place to go the whole year. In summer early morning and evening are recommended (faces south), while in winter the climber will be warm in the sun, while the belayer will need a nice down jacket.

Grades from 5 to 8a (on my opinion is more fun if you climb on the 7s).

Distance from The Truffula Tree: 6 Kilometers (5 minutes driving)

lower sector, looking toward the road        lower sector, looking down      view of the valley, walking back

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