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A magic house that wants to be shared

We would like you experience the joy of sipping a good red wine in our balcony, while looking at the sunset on the Brenta Dolomites; the tasteful flavour of the biological fruits in our garden; sitting around a bonfire, after barbequing with friends in our BBQ pit in front of the gazebo, why not, maybe after a great day out hiking or climbing.

For us, the fact that you are enjoying this house goes over the basic need of having a comfortable bed. It means that you enjoyed the coziness of the house and garden as well as exploring the amazing territory nearby and that, at your departure, you felt that you are a little part of this place.

Apartments Garden Lake Garda

The house

Warm and cozy, isolated and quiet, the house has everything you need for your relaxing holiday in the Alps.

With a green heart, the house wears a 14 cm isolating coat and with the traditional Olle in the living room stays warm with a low carbon footprint. Hot water is gifted everyday by the sun thanks to a solar system. And we believe in recycling! 😉

The Truffula Tree Ferienwohnung

The garden

Totally organic, the garden host numerous fruit trees and small fruits, a real treasure!

Let your kids playing with the swings, slide, sand pit and boccie field, enjoy watching fireflies during the night while cooking in the BBQ pit in front of the gazebo, look for dragonflies in the pond, simply read a book lying on the hammock, or splash in the small kid swimming pool… You will never want to leave!”

Apartments Fruit Garden

Experiences Blog

What my guests and I experienced and learned about the valley and its surrounding.
Because every day can be different, amazing, and a new discovery!

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